The Twelve Steps A Guide For Sponsors

This Twelve Step program is designed around the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. As will become apparent, the Twelve Steps are spiritual principles stated as steps of action, which, if practiced as a way of life, allow all persons to incorporate these great spiritual principles into their lives so that the spiritual life becomes part of their very being. Once adopted in a disciplined and consistent way, these Steps will change the lives of all who practice them as a way of life. Surrender to God throughout each day, devotion to God’s service and way of life, a feeling of love and tolerance for all, and, the spiritual solution to all of life’s problems and worries are the natural and inevitable results of working and continuing to work these Steps. The serious, life-threatening problems of drug addiction and alcoholism will be solved for so long as the addicted person remains spiritually fit.

The addicted person is very ill. This illness is both a physical malady and a malady of the spirit. It is characterized by a powerful denial of the existence of any problem and an inability to stop using and abusing mind-altering substances. The addicted person has literally lost the ability to control his drinking or drugging; he has become powerless to stop destroying his life and the lives of those around him. In most cases, something more than prayer and repentance is necessary to activate the spiritual answer to this problem. Human solutions seldom suffice and despite the valiant efforts of those devoted professionals and clergy who try to help him, he continues on the path of self-destruction. Self-knowledge does not alleviate the problem nor does fear of the consequences of continued drinking and drugging provide a solution. The answer must come from the intervention and grace of a loving God. The addicted person has but two alternatives: to go on to the bitter end or to accept a spiritual way of life! This program will lead the addicted person on a path of spiritual growth and regeneration which will bring him to a full and unconditional surrender to God and provide him with the tools to lead a spiritual way of life in all things. Millions of alcoholics and drug addicts have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body by following the directions which are set out in this work. The simple fact is that nobody who works these Steps with a good heart, thoroughly and honestly, ever fails to achieve sobriety. Continued sobriety is, however, achieved only through the continued and consistent use of the Steps as a way of life. These Twelve Steps are derived from the great spiritual principles set forth in the religious and spiritual writings of the world’s great religions and are a practical expression of those principles in the form of action to be taken, which will set the sufferer free from the ravages of his addiction to mind-altering substances for the rest of his life. The religious person who practices these Steps as a way of life will be giving full expression to his faith.

This guide is intended to be useful to sponsors, teachers, spiritual mentors and all who wish to be helpful to the addicted person. It is not designed as a substitute for the approved literature of any Twelve Step program.